KOI Round and Conical Shaped Bottle Printer
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  • 1) Double-station + bi-model printing, archives high output capacity;
  • 2) Cylinder and conical objects printable;
  • 3) LED curing device angular changeable to cure printed conical objects
  • 4) lntelligent LED tracing curing device supports color ink and varnish be cured at the same stage
  • 5) Laser eyes guide spot area printable and locating printable
  • 6) Objects’ shape laser mapping device and house designed software wraps graphic intelligently on objects and perfect matching
  • 7) Print heads cleaning and flush automatic device prevents heads dryer
  • 8) Objects shortage alarm device reminds to place object on fixture supporting station
  • 9) System reserved objects can be positioned precisely and automatically by click object type name from screen
  • 10) Head carriage up and down auto device helps to switch different shapes’ objects easily
  • 11) Objects are clapped automatically and precisely positioned by pressing key
  • 12) Electric system fully controlled by PLC
  • 13) 3 color alarm on top of printer warns any of abnormal happening
  • 14) white ink recycling device prevents white ink sediments
  • 15) Isolated electric cabinet meets safety requirements and CE standard
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