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Lei Xu
Sales Director
Ms. Xu Lei joined Shanghai Teckwin Technology Development Co.,Ltd. in 2006 and was appointed as COO. Ms. Xu graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1988 and worked as Manager of HP Distribution Division and APPLE Distribution Division for Shanghai Hua Dong Computer Co., Ltd. prior to joining Teckwin. She was in charge of production and operations at HP and Apple, as well as, the liaison between R&D and production in the respective companies.

Ms. Xu’s expertise was to apply 5S to manage Teckwin’s production, to create a positive work environment, enhance supply chains and quality control measures of outgoing products. Ms. Xu made significant contributions in rational inventory management through setting up enhanced production schedules, standardizing processes and procedures, optimizing the production process, reducing consumption and improving overall efficiency.

Due to her success, Ms. Xu was appointed as Sales Director of Teckwin in September of 2010. Ms. Xu is now responsible for all Teckwin product marketing and service in China. Her many years of experience and expansive knowledge in printer manufacturing will elevate customer service and satisfaction to new heights.
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