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Tony Tong
As the co-founder of Shanghai Teckwin Technology Development Co.,Ltd., Tony was appointed as CTO and has been in charge of R &D since Nov. 2001 while the company was just established.

Tony worked as a lecturer in East China Institute of Chemical Technology after he graduated from university. Later on, he gained Master degree from East China Institute of Chemical Technology and PHD degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In June 2007, Tony was honored as "Tip-Top Talent" by Shanghai government.

With over more than 10 years researching and application experience in digital printing industry, Tony is a real veteran in digital printer concept design and color management. He has performed profound researches in the fields of domestic and international digital printing technologies with the return of sophisticated understanding of the controlling system development of the hardware and software as well as the extraordinarily designing capability. Under Tony’s leadership, Shanghai Teckwin Technology Development Co.,Ltd. R&D team has been working over the crucial technologies such as 'PCI Image Process System', "Hi-speed bidirectional cable communication technologies", 'CCD Auto Calibration Device','Heating System','High Speed Data Transition' and "Ink Automatic Degas"; giving the birth to 6 series and 15 categories of digital printers which had been sold world-widely. During these years Tony totally applied and obtained 25 patents.
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