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Stella Hu
In a predominantly male industry, in a country where women in senior management position are a rare phenomenon, we meet Stella Hu, President and CEO of Shanghai Teckwin Technology Development Co.,Ltd. For several years, Stella has been a familiar figure at sign trade shows. Those in the wide format printing trade who haven’t actually met her have almost certainly heard of her.

I met Stella for the first time at Orly airport in Paris in 2002 where she had just landed from an 11 hour flight from China and was about to board another flight. Amazingly, she looked fresh as a daisy as she is one of those remarkable people who don’t seem to know what jet lag is. She seemed to think nothing of having an airport meeting between flights. While long haul travel tends to burn most people out after a few years, Stella appears to thrive on it. I truly believe that her success is largely due to her enormous energy reserves ...more
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