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Shanghai Teckwin Technology Development Co.,Ltd. is committed to customer satisfaction through excellent performance. To achieve our vision, we must consistently improve the quality of all products and services that we provide to our customers. We are committed to doing so by using our most important resource --- our employees to understand and continuously improve our process. The management team is committed to provide the company with the best tools possible to succeed.

Our quality systems are compliant to international standards customer focused. All of our facilities are certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality management system requirements and EU consumer safety requirements for CE certification.

Teckwin facilities are also compliant to industry and regulatory requirements. These requirements include quality, manufacturing process controls, manufacturing documentation and supplier certification of raw material.
Value & Commitment
At Teckwin we believe in providing real value as well as the highest quality products and support to our customers throughout the world. We can achieve this exceptional value without cutting corners on quality or service by being a highly efficient manufacturer and by working in partnership with the most creative and service-led international partners.

Our decisive commitment is to create exceptional value and deliver outstanding service to our customers across the world. Throughout the company we clearly understand that our attention to detail.Everyday wo challenge all Teckwin employees to deliver the best systems and support to Teckwin customers.
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