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Introducing Teckut CNC Routers
Whether you’re working with plastics, metals, woods or composites, whether you’re designing a one-of-a-kind masterpiece or duplicating thousands of component parts, the Teckut CNC Router can handle the job.

The Teckut CNC Router combines advanced CNC technology, easy to use control interfaces, and an extensive range of features into a turnkey router that is extremely affordable. Factory-trained Field Service Engineers are available around the world to provide installation, on-site support or to answer application questions.

If you have a special requirement, let us know. Our team of professionals will put together a solution tailored specifically to your needs.
Powerful 8Kw HSD Spindle Motor
Auto Tool Change
Digital Servo/Ballscrew Drive Systems
High Performance Vacuum Bed
Accurate Auto Tool Length Sensing
Easy To Operate Controls
Professional Productivity
RockSolid Reliability
Model Name Teckut 1525 Teckut 2030
Overall Size L 3800 x W 2300 x H 2100 (mm) L 4350 x W 2820 x H 2100 (mm)
Process Area X 2500 x Y 1539 x Z 140 (mm) X 3100 x Y 2058 x Z 140 (mm)
Router Bed High pressure vacuum;   Extruded aluminum slats;  
Vacuum control valves; Cut to Mask
Spindle HSD 7.5 kW;   24,000RPM 
Traverse Feed rate: 0‐400mm/Sec
Console Stand‐alone Podium; Joystick; LCD panel;
Cut and Crease Wheel;   Reciprocating Knife; 
Straight Drag Knife;   45°Drag Knife; 
All use ISO30 Tool holder
Designed for Dust Extraction Foot; 
Use ER32 Collet; 
Power Supply AC 380 V, 3 phases,  
50/60 Hz, 25kW, 52A 
AC 380 V, 3 phases,  
50/60 Hz, 30kW, 64A
Dust Extractor 1kW/2kW connect interface reserved for customer; 
With automatic start; Pneumatic Dust Foot at the Tool Bit;
Tool Change
7 position 10 position
Air Supply 340 Liters/Minute (12 CFM), 6‐7Bar (100PSI) for Pneumatics 
Pneumatic Pop‐up Bed Pins;  
Cut‐to‐Print Digital Camera System; 
Automatic Tool Length Sensing 
Hold Down
Side Channel Pump  
Side Channel Pump 
  7.5KW x 2 
Workstation Intel Core2 E6500, 2G Memory, 320G HD
DVD‐ROM, Windows XP or Windows 7 
Software ProfileLab 2D (Architecture open to other software ) 
Net Weight 1250kg  1850kg


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