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TS 5000r/TS 3200r
Stable ink circulation and double strike to support dark and high density grand material.
Multi backlit printing modes.
Special UV light coverage to make operation more secure.
Ink cleaning solution channel to clean print heads in white channel without disassembling print heads.
Color-white-color print mode to make more applications.

Print specification

Print Head Set

SG1024 S/C 10PL


4cX2/ (4c+w) X2/ 6cX2/ (6c+w)X2

Print Mode Test: 195/157 m2/h
Draft: 102/85 m2/h
Normal:51/42 m2/h

Print size

Max Printing Size

5000/3200 mm

Max Material Size


Max material weight

450/340 kg/roll

Max material thickness

Up to 1 mm

Feeding system Roll to roll
Type of ink UV ink
Heating system UV curing
Job format The system works with PostScript R3TM, including EPS, TIFF, JPG, etc.
RIP system Caldera
Power Machine: 380 V ± 10%, three phases,  50/60Hz,
Maximum power Machine: 10KW  three phases
Dimension 8730 (L)X1500(W)*1920(H)/6930 (L)X1410(W)X1910(H)  mm
 Min. work area 10730 (L)X4410(W)*2800(H)/8930X4410(W)X2800(H)  mm
Work station configuration I5-3470/8G/1TB/DVD
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