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A strategic cooperation in the New Year 2010-10-25
Teckwin begins a strategic cooperation with USST (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology), Printing Engineering College in the coming New Year, for the development of the local digital industry.


Teckwin Shanghai has been designated as a training and internship center by USST.  Teckwin's top management was invited to give a lecture to USST students majoring in Digital Printing. The lecture concentrates on the development and applications of digital technology.  Teckwin will also provide veteran engineers to the university as instructors for a professional training course in the digital industry.

The prestigious USST was founded in 1906 and specializes in advanced science and technology education and training. It is the first national university to establish a Digital Printing degree.  The course is designed to improve the development of the local digital industry and provide qualified candidates for the industry.

Teckwin is a leading digital printer manufacturer with an extensive R&D department and worldwide marketing and service. Teckwin has opened its manufacturing and R&D base to the school, sharing its experience in the digital printing industry and end user's requirements.  Teckwin is also working together with the faculty to revise the training course to be more relevant and practical.

This cooperation is a win-win solution for both USST and Teckwin. USST will offer an educational course that relates to practical application rather than focuses on dull theories.  Students will actively participate when they know what they are learning meets real-world requirements.

From Teckwin's perspective, the cooperation injects the new blood into its R&D department and strengthens its research capability.  Teckwin is also provided with a constant supply of qualified graduates for training and internship.

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