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Acrylic printing 2013-09-14
Printer: TS600   Printer: TS600
Application: backlit light box   Application: acrylic wall print
Printer:  PQ300   Printer:  PQ300
Application: white UV printing on golden acrylic   Application: window display with UV printed acrylic
 Printer:  PQ300    
 Application: mirror printed on clear acrylic with white printing    





















The advantages of UV digital printing

1.Easy operation, no film, no plate required.
2.Suitable technology to short run printing, ideal for DIY.
3.High speed with effective productivity.
4.No color limit, perfect resolution with nature gradual printing effects
5.Direct printing on various rigid and soft materials.
6.Ink jet printing, without direct press on material to eliminate material deforming.
7.Perfect printing quality on uneven material surface.
8.Good abrasion, adhesive and UV resistant capability.
9.White printing (base, top and spot color).
10.Save labor cost, no need skillful technician to operate the printer.



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