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Teckwin TeckVersa 700 wins China Ceramic Best Product of 2010! 2011-04-06


    Shanghai, China – April 4, 2011 – Teckwin proudly announced that their TeckVersa 700 has won the “China Ceramic Innovation Best Product of 2010 Award! The TeckVersa also received many additional accolades for its technical innovations.

    Known as the China Ceramic Industry’s "Academy Awards”, the China Ceramic Innovation Prize has become one of the highest benchmarks in the ceramic industry, with significant influence in the development of industrial trends.
    The award indicates that the TeckVersa 700 has been widely recognized and accepted by industry experts, who believe that the product will become increasingly popular over 2011. The TeckVersa 700 will advance innovation of decorative building ceramics, as well as the development of new varieties of design and design techniques. In addition to it’s technical advancements, the TeckVersa is also environmentally friendly.


    Teckwin was founded in July 2001 in Shanghai, China. The company designs, manufactures and supports large and grand format solvent and UV flatbed and roll-to-roll inkjet printing systems for use in the most demanding graphics applications.

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