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Introduction of the new Teckut CNC Router 2010-11-29
We are proud to announce the addition of the Teckut CNC router to the Teckwin product line. If you’re working with plastics, metals, board or composites,or you’re designing a one-of-a-kind masterpiece or duplicating thousands of component parts, the Teckut CNC Router can handle the job.

The Teckut CNC Router and Teckwin printers are a perfect match.The Teckut CNC router can cut out complicated 2D and 3D board-designs printed by Teckwin printers. The ingenious control software understands 3D-designs, automatically adjusts the cutting lines and chooses the right tool for the job.  Designers do not have to worry about the technical details of the routers anymore, and can concentrate on their designs.  In turn, the designs can be more advanced.  This results in more profit to you by producing a higher quality product and saving time and money.

The design possibilities are endless.From stand building for expo’s or weddings to furniture for your apartment, home or office.  If it can be designed, it can be made.  Let us help you unlock your imagination and grow your profits!

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