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Teckwin Technology opens new showroom in downtown Shanghai 2010-10-25
After a month-long effort in close cooperation with the Teckwin Shanghai Factory and the Teckwin Printing Center, Teckwin Technology is pleased to announce the new showroom opened on August 8, 2010 in downtown Shanghai.
The Teckwin Technology multifunctional showroom is divided into two parts, the equipment display area and the products application area. The equipment display area currently showcases Teckwin Technology’s latest innovative superwide format printing solutions - the TeckStorm PLUS, the TeckStorm TS-600 and the TeckPro UV3200. All played a key role in marketing promotional activities for displays, product demonstrations, sample production and training throughout the grand opening.
The products application area demonstrates the broad range that Teckwin’s UV digital printing solutions offer. Teckwin’s state-of-the-art machines make it possible to print on virtually any material including wood, glass, plastic, and metal, to name a few. Teckwin’s revolutionary technology has been utilized on furniture, wall and window decorations, doors, appliances and ceramic tiles and now makes it possible to customize and enrich any commercial or residential space with unlimited creative possibilities.
The application area displays several sections, including “Heaven For Kids”, “Wedding House”, “Dream Home” and “3C Media Colorful Shells”. In each section, visitors have the unparalleled experience of customizing digital printing technology to accommodate their experience.
In the “Heaven For Kids” section art ceiling decorations, cartoon furniture and Mickey wallpaper could be seen everywhere. The inspiration of designers and the application of TeckStorm PLUS and TeckStorm TS-300 technology created a wonderful colorful cartoon world for children.
The “Wedding House” can make any bride’s dreams come true by combining EZ board’s honeycomb structural capacity design and UV printing and cutting technology to convert a traditional wedding structure from to 2D to 3D, completely customizable to make any couple’s special day even more exciting by adding a personal touch.
In the “Dreamy Home” area, visitors can see how Teckwin printing technology can be used on home appliances, curtains, blinds, cabinets, wooden and glass doors, background reception walls while providing novel applications of digital technology and diversified business models to visitors.
All customers and visitors enjoyed a fabulous visionary feast of advanced product ideas in the showroom, which displayed Teckwin International’s advanced design concepts and groundbreaking products. Teckwin Technology is constantly pushing the envelope in research and developing new printing technology and products. This new showroom facility offers the chance to let people see that Teckwin is constantly moving forward in this process.
Teckwin Technology was founded in July 2001. The company designs, manufactures and supports super wide format UV and solvent inkjet printing systems for use in the most demanding graphics applications worldwide. Teckwin machines are currently operating in over 75 countries and counting.



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