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2 New Teckwin High Speed UV Printers arrived at Australia 2010-10-25
Teckwin Technology is pleased to announce the arrival of two new high-speed UV printers at Australia. The T5300/600 and TeckProUV were officially launched in April 2010 by Teckwin during the ISA Sign Show in Orlando and have now made their way to Australia in preparation for the Visual Impact Image Expo to be held at Darling Harbour this September.


NO BOTTLENECKS Teckwin's latest releases have a real focus on increased print speed whilst maintaining print quality. The great benefit of the latest UV Curable printing technology from Teckwin is not only the speed at which the machines can physically print, but more importantly the flow on effects to your workflow-no dry time, no post curing or "out gassing" - in fact prints can be taken directly off the printers and sent directly to the next stage of production. Teckwin UV curable printing means no bottlenecks!
TS300 / 600 The TS Series machines are the successors to the hugely popular TeckStorm series of dedicated flatbed printers, and see a speed increase of up to 75% - now offering production mode speeds up to 42m2/hour. The TS300 offers an edge-to-edge print bed area of 2.44 x 1.22 Meter and the TS600 boasts a 2 x 3 Meter print area. Utilizing the optional Roll-to-Roil module, banner prints at speeds of up to 80m2/hour are easily achieved. Standard ink mode is CMVKIcIm + White and Teckwin's world-renowned white ink management system is built into the core of the TS Series.
TECKPRO UV 3200 The TeckPro UV is a 3.2 Meter wide dedicated roll-to-roll printer for high speed printing onto flexible substrates. Offering speeds up to 92m2/hour it is ideal for banners, billboards, displays and general signage. Load single or multiple rolls simultaneously and achieve high quality, high-speed prints on to banner, self-adhesive vinyl, PP film, synthetic paper, canvas, fabric and mesh. Standard ink mode is fast 4 dual CMYK; options include light cyan and light magenta and white ink for printing onto dark or colored substrates.
The TeckProUV and T5300 printers have recently landed at Positive Camtec, Teckwin Technologyl's Australian distribution and will be on show at the Visual Impact Image Expo to be held at Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre, Sydney from 20 th to 22 nd September 2010. When it comes to printers this fast - seeing is believing - making a visit to booth E4 a must!
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