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Teckwin printers and artist John Suchy create masterpieces 2010-10-25


Teckwinʼs US headquarters in Las Vegas was visited last week by world renown New York artist John Suchy. John came to Teckwin to view his artwork being printed on their superwide format printers. He was amazed as Teckwinʼs new roll-to-roll TeckPro UV3200 printed his art work on an 11 foot canvas right before his eyes.

John Suchy has made a name for himself in the art world not only with his colorful cityscapes, but also with his multi-dimensional techniques. The Teckwin TeckStorm series of flatbed UV printers combined with Suchyʼs creativity will produce a whole new kind of art medium. This collaboration will lead the way for new styles of artwork that can be printed on a variety of substrates including glass, metal and lucite.

John Suchy was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City in 1946. He began creating three-dimensional pieces in 1980 and feels that it adds pop and fun to his images. His attention to detail, unique sense of humor and love for his hometown are prominent in his works. Suchy has also completed limited edition works of Las Vegas, Berlin, and Washington DC.

Teckwin Technology was founded in July 2001. The company designs, manufactures and supports super wide format UV and solvent inkjet printing systems for use in the most demanding graphics applications worldwide. Teckwin machines are currently operating in over 75 countries and counting.

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