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Q: Is UV environmentally friendly? What protection i need when i use UV printer?
A: UV-cured inks have the advantage of being virtually VOC-free.All types of UV products can be handled safely as long as the user is well trained and observes all recommended safety procedures.
However, UV can cause skin and eye irritation or even chemical blister burns on prolonged direct contact. We suggest operator wearing impervious gloves adn protective glasses, wearing impervious aprons and shoes(Press operators).
Teckwin offers a hood for the print area and complete protection against UV emissions, ozone and ink misting.
Q: What's the application of UV printer?
A: Extensively applied on various materials for all kinds of industries.
For application solution,  see Solution and Application.
Q: How to buy a Teckwin Printer?
A: List your detail requirements; email to, our sales representative will contact you soon.
Q: How to get your service support?
A: Teckwin offers easy and on time online service support to our customers.
You can also get service through your local distributor. See Support Guildline.
Q: How to get spare parts and inks?
A: You can get spare parts and inks through email or fax. See How to buy.
Q: Who will give me training?
A: Teckwin provides you a complete training package, including site preparation, printer operation, application training and trouble shooting. See Support Guideline.
Q: What's the requirement to the working space?
A: Each unit produced by Teckwin has the detail explaination of Site Preparation,you can prepare your working space by following the instruction.
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